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A Mistake

While being a human is great experience, the most fundamental characteristic is to be true to your core. The words out of your mouth are building your pathway to your life. Be cautious how you say and do things, because your true self is being watched. The level you want to accomplish is deem on how you interact with others and the world. We lived in a world in which you get what you deserved. It is up to you to learned about the environment. All is fare in life unless you think otherwise. You are on a path in which you make decision to guide your destiny. We are walking on a parallel road and anyone who meet us on this path are meant to be there. They are walking in your circle and become perpendicular to your route, they are there to tempt you and teach you. Be alert and understand nothing can break you, because your believe will set you free. Be aware you are learning patient; it produces fruits in the right time. Always show exclusiveness and be of great courage to walk your path, those who continue on this Journey will be assessable to all you inherit, therefore pick wisely who you surround yourself with.


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