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Don’t get stuck in the Routine

Every day when you wake up to a new day, be happy with the day. Say it "today is a good day," acknowledge the day with gladness. You have beaten death by being alive today. You are so important to this earth that life have given you the opportunity to celebrate. Once you concede and have this within you, life become peaceful and livable. Many are call but few are chosen. This entail, that we all have the advantage to advance but we procrastinate and missed our calling. This calling is simple, be alive to the day. If you are at home, work, or not feeling well, whatever or wherever you are dive into it with your full mind, body, and spirit. Your life is determined on what you do today as tomorrow is not promise. Be happy for the little things, as one second can change your life. Acknowledge each second with curiosity, looking for the good things. You heard the word "perception" what you see is what you get. Now think of this, what you think is what will be. Hold on to the good and skip the bad, speak the good and shut the bad. The human being mouth is their glory or demise. By your words should you live.


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