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In the Heat of Time

It is good to be passionate, let it bring you joy. Now if you have passion let it be with the right person, place, and etc. God works best when you make mistakes, the reason what this occurred is because as human being we love to control our fate. I tell you not, if you do not put God in all things you will fail. This failure is not an act of lack of persistence or fortitude. You fail because you are human and meant to expires. Just as you were borne and came at the right time you will leave at the right time. This show you that you are really not in control of time, yet with God there is no time. Time is for mortal and to become immortal only God can give you grace to change time. Let your name be heard throughout the years to come. To be acknowledge you have to acknowledge what is greater than you. Look no further to having a plan, the plan are already here. You just have to see beyond the norms and live for the bigger picture, which is putting God first in all things, so we make it through the storm. You are only made strong through the trouble life bring. In the mist of trial look to the Cross where Jesus unites us to go beyond the normality of life.


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