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As we advance in life, there are many ways to stay connected. Do you remember the house phone, where it was the only place, you received a call. Those were the days when time was most valuable. If you grew up in a home like mine, with siblings, you would gauge the phone for your appointed time to make your call. As the years when by we got older, and everybody wanted a cell phone. Now the cellular phone has replaced most house phone. We are no longer connected by the wire but wireless. The new freedom to roam and be free. But are you free, this cell phone follows you everywhere. No more stationary phone but an active phone. Just as you move about your family changes, and everyone set their standards. Keep connection to those who care for you. Meaning sometimes you have to think about the past when situation was formidable and difficult, yet you had what you needed to what you wanted. Now we live on the go, which is good and bad. The application of mobility does not always mean freedom. Sometimes going back to the original, open your eyes to the bigger picture of what you truly need. Stay connected to the resources which make you the best not what work.

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