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Updated: Nov 7, 2022

The Lord God is funny and cunning he see all. Through observation he rules the land, a true man of God only belong to God. No one can hold his heart, mind, or spirit. No matter the circumstances you cannot be like a regular human being. The love of God is beyond comprehension as you are different. Many will love, like, and dislike you. Your concerns and connection will keep you with God. No man can run from God as he is everywhere and in everything. Consider not the daily temptation of life it cannot stop God loves. Acknowledge God in all things, because he sees and know all. In life, fall in all things with your heart and do not be afraid. The Lord God will direct your path. As the journey continues treat yourself with dignity as God know you best. Get to understand who you are as an individual who understands themselves; you will start seeing reality in many ways. There is no end to wisdom it is a burning flame of life. Full spectrum, a person of wisdom cannot be a basic being because life continue so they live daily. Do not hold grudges of the past. The more you let go, the more you will gain. Think of the weighing beam, you have to be balance in all aspects. Through spiritual, physical, and mental to see the enrichment of God. This is God will for those who gain wisdom, not to withhold any knowledge in time trouble. Once you were an infant and became who you are. You are a child of God forever! Amen


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