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Have you ever taken a walk in the park, if not let me give you a visual. A park is a place where you go to relax, exercise, play sport, and more. In the park you usually should go there leave your belongings and view what they have available. The park usually gives you a taste of freedom, it is a place to choose an activity and be free. Consider the park recess, where you go to let loose. In the park is where you find yourself and also lose yourself. In life you have to find balance, this is not just a thought but reality. Most people want balance but cannot get it, the reason is how are you treating yourself, this is an inward exercise. You have to figure out how is my mental, physical, and lastly spiritual being. The park gives you nature mostly and other visual. It is fun to be at recess, but you have to return to class, work, home and etc. So, engage in all things and see what grab your attention in this moment is when you find out who and what you are. All things are meant for your good if you enhance what you like it will become you!


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