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Above all Chose LOVE

The true wealth of life, lies within, it is LOVE. True love means to give your life for the people you love. A new life began if you could make this sacrifice. To understand this, means you have lived in Peace, Joy, Harmony, and they are inclusive within Love. But love is the best, check this out. The Great God created all human being and throughout time; his son Jesus came to earth and live among mankind. He reached a certain age and died. He could have ruled earth forever, yet he died. Before he died, he did so many miracles and help all those who needed and ask for help. God is simple, yet we make it hard on ourselves. All God wanted from day one was to ask, seek, and knock in all aspect. Meaning that he made us in his own image and likeness, allowing us to be like him in all things. He said, I have made you in my image and likeness, be fruitful and multiply. Fill the earth and have dominion over all things. You are on earth to live the true life. Be happy for life and see it clearly, God wealth is not man wealth, God wealth truly is Love, because once you have love everything is attainable, love bring Peace, Joy, and Harmony. With love you are happy whether you are sad, broke, starving, and etc. By choosing to love you become an immortal to your family, they seek you out because they know you have the answer. So, Jesus is Love, by dying on the cross as a simple criminal he open God love to mankind. You cannot understand how the Prince of Heaven will live on earth and died an unworthy death. Remember when Jesus was born, he was acknowledged as a King on earth but a prince from Heaven. The gifts brought by the three wise men were Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh. This shows how God knew all things and clearly defile mankind. Do you remember just by the announcement of a King being born disturb King Herod. He was afraid of a child, because all human being knows the true from the false; but they will never admit. You are all alive but are you living. You see LOVE makes all things possible, it is that elasticity that can never stop stretching, and it never fails to conquer everything in its way. Be at peace and do what is right when all is wrong, because at the end of life, no one will ask you how much money, power, or respect you earned. The question will be how did you lived your life. With the gift you are given, use it wisely, so you shine as radiant as Jesus did. They killed Jesus and yet he is still alive and will be forever. I wish you Peace, Joy, Harmony and most of all I wish you Love.

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