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Bring it On

Updated: Feb 10

Do not be afraid, when things or incidents happens. Realize life come with its own ordeal, just as life make its own path, and you have to live with it or die trying. Listen life is not fair but your believe will take you where you need to be. It is not an external force that stop your progress, it is you who withdrawal from situations when it arises. Do not fight all things, sometime these are destiny moments in which you have to go through the rough path to see solid ground. An individual who has smooth ground hardly ever conquers during time of turmoil. You have to live, learn, and experience. Be of great courage and do not complain; all things are working for your benefit. If it did not break you, it will surely make you stronger. When you are being block adjust your movement and observe what is going on. Sometimes you might be fighting yourself or something higher than you. Therefore, tread carefully as this might be your path to glory and it is teaching some of the virtue in life. Just to name a few: patience, love, understanding, and etc.


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