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Flee from Discouragement

Look there goes another dream, which you wanted to accomplish. Yet you did not, due to discouragement! Why do you let others set the path of your life; take control. How can I take control without a map or insight into my soul. You are being condition, when you know what to do, and do not stand firm. All roads lead somewhere, but one road lead to your soul. The only way anyone can understand themselves is if they first understand their history. Secondly work on themselves with the information receive, and lastly, be willing to except who they are internally. When you were born you came clean and pure. There are so many rules and regulations. Have you ever wondered why you are alive and why are you here. I will tell you the truth, "I do not know" but yet I would say to live on this beautiful earth. To serve your God and your people. Once you are borne, the location of your birth is encoded in you. You can never run away from home because it is you. God made you great from birth, that is why you are alive. Once you complete your course, then you vanish. Therefore, seek God in all things, because he is the light of life. How do you seek God, here are some free blessings given to you. Honor your father and mother, and the other commandments. You may say I have not broken the law of the family, because I am clean of all these commandments. Let me tell you, no one on earth is an elite human being; we are all doom without the fear of God. When you figure out how to wake yourself up after you sleep, then we can talk. Life is not guarantee, it is a privilege to be alive. So, take the ride and be joyful every breath of air is an essential part to your health; be humble and thankful you made it this day. Your dream is alive when you are alive, so move forward in faith. Let your light shine!!!

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