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You know there are lots of talkers and no taker. To live in truth, you have to know love. Not the words love, but the action of the words love. Love is action, it is patience, it is time, and most of all God love is the love for all to be family. For all to have a backbone when all else fail. Love conquers all, love fight for what is right, not just for today but for all time. As you love, go full throttle to see the growth in your soul. You love to live, and life is love! Breathe in slowly, feel the air of life, that fill your core to live this moment. You soul crave for love, all you do is to seek love, first love is to love thyself. Look at yourself a human being, the world best creature? Miniature god to procreate is Godlike lets multiple to rule over the world. I love, you love, and love is life to all those who seek love. When you see, smell, taste, feel, and more claim it. Because to love is to live and life is love....

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