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How a person heard will be the way life receive them. An inheritance is a gift given by the owner to their beneficiaries. All are born into an inheritance, but most do not claim the right to their gift. We are created individually, and we can bring so much to life, yet we still walk on the earth as empty shells. Once you are born, you become an active person in this unique world. You have the authority to live and conquer your world. In the book of Genesis, your soul duty as a person is to be fruitful and multiply. Yet we do not want to participate in this great mystery. The life you now live is a gift of joy, peace, and harmony. Do not look outside of yourself to inherit the earth, it is within you. Your body made up of three parts: which is the spirit, mind, and physical. These three parts have to work together to increase your ability to succeed. Each individual has their own success, you just need to figure it out. If you look deeply within yourself and seek out the true self, you will come to understand that all you need is to focus, give yourself time to grow, and enjoy each day. One cannot understand all things but learn to heard and see who you are daily. You are what you do, eat, and perceive. Look at yourself in the mirror and be proud of who you are, do you know that you are similar to a plant. Whatever you receive is how you will grow. Tend to your soil and give yourself the correct nutrients for your growth. Learn what work for you, as a seed is planted within the earth it will bud depending on the water it receives and the soil it is place in. Therefore, once you are borne, you exist in reality. This mean you were meant to be here, and life is a gift. Do not compare or contrast yourself to anyone, you are beautiful the way you are. Stop and enjoy yourself and seek out your true self. As you walk into life look at the good, bad, and ugly. Try to eliminate the cluttered, you were not made to settle, just like a tree you are meant to grow. Learn how to cultivate your soil, receive with Joy. When you believe that each situation is an experience just like days in the year and how you handle each situation will bring an outcome. Be ready to fail, learn, and fail again. But never give up, because you are resilient and persistent, these are the keys to life. Endure and you will be rewarded in due season. Nothing great come easy, if this was the case we would all be happy at the same rate. So close your eyes and visualize were you want to be in five to ten years. Growth take time and it is slow but with the right mind set you will accomplish your desire.


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