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How TO Date

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

Why should she date you. Every day we are face with a choice, what to eat, what should I wear, and who am I. Dating is crucial in these time and as always women want the best. I tell you not, a lady knows what she wants and how to get it. Men needs to be focus, as a man you need to know what you want and how to maintain, we are the one who need to figure out the world and what is in it. The percentage of young men who do not want to attain knowledge or growths will be left behind. Naturally women want home, shelter, and constancy. Look around what the ratio on the Job market more females to males. Especially in the corporate sector, females are more submissive when money involve due to comfort and status. Therefore, each male need to focus on his strength and talent. Learn your craft to be the best man of your character. First rule to success is to listen. How do you listen, heard and follow through, meaning just don’t agree with hearing the need. Women are in tune with their feeling therefore heard what they say. Example I want lunch, if you observe and ask what type of lunch you will get some answer or none. So, you have to read between the line she is hungry and what does she usually eat. Let get to the dating aspects, by the way you dress, and your appearance make a woman wants to speak to you. Always dress well for the occasion, neat and fitted clothing. Not lose or tight wear, show you are a man, your character has to match your attire. Learn how to say yes or no. Do not be indecisive, handle situation as they appear. Asking out, if you like a female, show her you care but do not be immature acknowledge her and be bold. Example hello my name is Atlas, and I would like to take you out. Usually, she will dismiss your offer to see how well you are built. Say I like you and I want you to think about it. Be polite and have her think about your approach. Everyday a female gets 5 to 10 guys talking to them. What make you different, listen and observe. Women are made to give, they are nurture individual, thus you need to approach them with zeal and character. Pleasure is not for the weak but the strong. So, before you step to a lady keep that in mind. Your mind has to be strong mentally because you're asking her out it is not just a shot it more of a goal or no goal. Lady are keeper defending their goals post from bad balls. Sound funny but let me remind you a woman know what she wants, majority of the time your approach is on their watch. They are planners; therefore, you have to have a plan. Good luck,


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