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Learn by Sitting

As long as I can remember from grade school up to now, we learn by sitting. Lessons can be learned from sitting. As you know, the Oral tradition loves to tell stories. You would sit down and listen to the narrator, and they will discuss the topic. Is it important to sit? I would say yes. When you are on your feet for a while, you usually get tired, and lose your focus. This is because you are not at peace, when you rest, you think better. Do you know as you age you depreciate on sleep. Why is it important to get good rest, this relaxes your spirit, mind, and body. The body is magnificent, it teaches us ahead of time to maneuver through things. Sit and listen to your body as it is the key to your health, wealth, and energy. Most of the things we use today was created when an individual was down under, made to sit down in trial, situations, and unknown condition. These are done so you can produce from your soul. Being at peace create beauty in the time of necessity. When you want to pass an in-class exam you have to sit and go through the process. When you learn you have to be seated, so your body can retain the information being seen or heard. Think about all the things you enjoy when you are seated, movies, school, church, and etc. Let us take a seat when we are face with situation and be still, as you will think through the problem. When you lose your key, it is said take a seat and rethink your steps. Trace your steps, this is done mentally to provide a physical result. At ease in this time of uncertainty, relax and see break through.


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