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This day bring a new blessing to inherit, well do you know why? Think about it, for a second, let me clue you in. You are among the living and the breathe of life is within you. Take a deep breathe and exhale, that is what you call life. Life is good and God is great. You do not lack for nothing, once air fill your lungs, your day is great. Many times, we want the materials aspect of life, so it seems lately, but the core idea of being a human being, is to be functional, and aware of your daily interactions. I was once a boy, and now, I am a man. The only thing changing is me, as I grow into the world, like a tree. Actually, I would say a big tree, in my years on earth. I have travel to four continents, that is a blessing, and it have been thirty-nine years. If you can think of it, it is possible, if that is the case, it is attainable. Few things my father Mr. Joseph Bunyan thought me was, God have created the earth and everything in it. Why ask for things that are here and the eyes can see. It is yours already for the viewing. Start looking for things which reach far beyond the visual. Look towards things which will make you inherit your own. The ultimate gift of life is to leave a mark on whoever you come across, knowing that you are making an impact. Be of good courage, and live your beautiful life, to the fullest; as it is said, you are here today, and gone tomorrow. Nothing in life is permanent; look, act, and do. For every moment missed, is a time for you to develop and create the next best item. So, what are you waiting for, do not let the breathe of life past you by!


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Get a breathe of fresh air, inhale and let go of the past. It is now that you can change, what are you doing today to make your tomorrow better. We are all alive today to be refresh by a new day and n


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