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Lets Play Til we Win

Updated: Jun 1

Basketball, what a sweet sport, competing to the end of the buzzer. Tonight, game was a good look on conquering your fear and not giving up. The season for the Maverick and the Timberwolves was a blitz. The season is now 3-1, Minnesota did not get swept, it is fair to say they try. Now it come back to the Twins Cities where this can be a benefit to take another game. Easy to say, then do, the Timberwolves have to play excellent ball to win at home. The Maverick will not let this be an easy win, we will have to take Minnesota basketball to the next level. Here come practice and luck, you are only as bless as you believe, and you have to be determined as your opposition will not allow you to defeat them. Therefore, stay focus and expect the unexpected. Be unwavering as time is not on your side. This win was ok, but to be successful in anything, you must go above the maximum. This is the critical point; the whole Minnesota Players and fan must be ready to give all their support because the Maverick wants this championship and how bad does the Wolves want it. Game 5 await a new era in the Midwest states. Tune in and find out if the Wolves can steal Game 5 of the Western Conference Final. Do you want to hunt or be done!

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