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Mystery of Life

The joy of life, each day when you wake up be glad. The reason for this is you are alive. It a competition to be alive but it is life, you have to run your race. Most time we forget the basic for living, which is just to live. Each day is a journey in which you are either happy or sad. Remember before you got to earth you were a mere sperm who became an embryo and now you are of age. Let's look at the current situation we face daily, work with what you got and look for what you want. Currently the big talk of the town is who wants to be a billionaire sponsor by America Powerball. Try your luck, there is a 5% change of winning. Life is about chance; you are alive by chance. The life you live is not guarantee. Many hope to make it to the next day, but it is not up to them. The soul does not belong to you, it is a gift. That is made by the Almighty Creator. When I was young, I asked my father who created God, I never got a clear answer. One thing I know, is that if a simple human can create there have to be a higher creator. Therefore, I believe in Elohim, The God who see. Because I know if I sleep today, I am not guaranteed to wake up, yet I am thankful. Look to the sky and count the stars, if you can comprehend the beauty of the universe, yet it is there daily. This life is bigger to those who want more and smaller for those who want less. You are just a human being in this great universe of mystery. Being alive is a blessing, enjoy it while it last.


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