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Open Your Eyes

Be yourself and stay away from negativity! It is easy to be deceived during these time of turmoil. We love doing bad, it is in our natural. Do not put the law in your own hand. You lived by the law you will die by the law. God love is the only Law you want to be under, there you will find true justice and mercy. Please listen, as uproar spread like wide fire just remember no one is invisible you can get touch. There is life after all this, during these time of destruction, death is lurking at your doors. No one can bring life after you are gone. We are alive and being alive is a privilege, do not be lead astray. Be at peace. Listen to your heart, no one can save themselves from trouble. “ Cain where is your brother” Lord am I my brother keeper”(Genesis). Who is their brother keeper, the problem we face is we want to fight temptation. Do not be fool, you can not fight temptation. Jesus save us before we came into the world; knowing we will make mistake and defile ourself. The world always been like this, the only difference is now we have technology to see more. The eyes never stop seeing and the more you see the more you react. Close your eyes and let this pass you by. Be yourself and follow your heart, do not follow those who will lead you astray. Look upon the cross of Jesus Christ! Peace be upon Earth as it is in Heaven. I love you all! To my family, friends, associates, and others.


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