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Life is not a race, therefore do not compare your lifestyle with others. Take note of others and be considerate but do not set standards below your belief. There is a saying "plenty of fish are in the sea; but there are only a few fish that will interest you." This also goes for marriage, when a man loves a woman, he will show that he cares. Women know the pressure of being a wife, mother, and daughter and it is not an easy task. For example, women's rights were accomplished to give women the opportunity to be independent. The reason women fought for this opportunity is that they were being looked down upon by indecent men. I know an intelligent man will give his mother, wife, sister, and more women the opportunity to speak her mind. If a mother can birth a baby and redefine herself after a 9-month period, she can handle much more. Women need to remember they are an important part of society and should hold themselves with high esteem. Once you reach a certain age of maturity, look deep into yourself, and believe you are made with greatness. Any man who wants to be with you needs to learn how to handle themselves, because you are the mother of the future. Remember you are what you eat, think, and speak of. Do not limit your bar of measurement because a man wants to be immature. You are not on earth to babysit a man; men are here to respect and cherish you. Respect is the key to a successful life, do not lose focus. As the world turns remember you are the force that keeps the earth populated by nurturing infants, toddler, teenager, and more. All humans have to learn to respect their mothers just because they give birth. Life would be difficult if no women were around. Think about it!!!


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