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The Holiday

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

Why do we celebrate these holidays and why it is important. A Human being is a living being and need to celebrate life. You are the most precious creation of all the living organism on earth. Remember you are special and need to be lively. Young kids love Christmas, they are so excited. See how they light up during this season. Be like a child to enjoy each day, especially the holiday. These were made to enjoy and relax as it is time for peace. In the time of peace, you have to be content with what going on. Remember the celebration of Jesus is to bring peace to all. Jesus is the light that shine through all darkness, why is his light so important. The light is very important because true energy surpasses all understanding therefore you have to humble yourself to get better result. To live in darkness to be blind without knowing you are blind. Take this for example no situation you face will destroy you unless you believe this is the end. You were born to rise out of darkness and step into the light of peace, look at the world today, there is always something going on and it will never stop unless peace is here. There are children born today who will never experience peace due to conflict of the past. So, while we celebrate the holiday be glad there is some type of peace, and we can experience it in harmony with others.


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