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The Mirage

Have you ever seen a person, place, or thing and wonder at the beauty. Well, if you have that is a good thing, if not please observe. A mirage is something you view, and it is appealing, but in reality, it is not real. Most time what you see is an image of your imagination, therefore your precept of this vision is based on your desire. You as a human being can create your own reality, therefore be careful of what you want. Everything that is good for you, meaning your heart will be met. You have to be very careful of what your mind, tell you to do. The mind is like the eyes, what it thinks off is what it wants. Keep your thought conceal unless you want it to happen. True beauty lied internally and externally. And the best way to see beauty is to have great understanding, because sometime what you see on the outer layer might be different internally. Be careful of crafty beauty as it might lured you into a situation wish you deem unfitting. Real beauty bring light with radiance, and it does not weaken you. True beauty makes you energies, you see it all the time. Some of these beautiful and amazing images can be found in nature, here are a few: The Sun, Moon, Stars, and most of all Human being.

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