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The Possibility

Have you ever wondered why you have so much energy, life, vigor, and etc. To the lively there is life and abundance of wealth. The life we have is a gift fill with choices but there are two important choices you have. They are believing and not to believe. If you know, it can be done for you, it will happen. Life is not to figure out Good or Bad, happy or sad, right or wrong, and etc. But life is to work with what you have and be thankful for each day. In the beginning was life and light. These two work in accordance with one another, even in the mist of the night there is light, so life is always around. When you wake up each day be thankful for Life and bless your God for giving you Life. Increase in Thanksgiving because by being thankful you will receive your daily bread. The possible will become impossible by God not man, we are limited yet there is a God who have abundance of life and true life; meaning all naturalness belong to him. If you acknowledge you will see, it is that simple. No need to strategize just give thanks in all things, you will be led to your destiny. The sun shine on all, but only some acknowledge the heat ray and it benefits. Not because something is always around you, do not give you the right to disregard it. You did not make it, therefore you do not own it. Be grateful and pleasant you have the naturalness of life as it is a gift. Think wise and acknowledge what you have been giving without an asked. The impossible is all around you to make your simple self. possible. Always remember you are mere dust fill with the breathe of Life, I declare Independence but Dependent on my God who breathe life into my Soul. I am thankful for this Earth as it is the greatest thing given to Mankind!

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