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Through your Weakness

Have you ever been saddened by your weakness and hope you could change the outcome. It is hard to control those things in which, you have no control over. The only control of the uncontrolled is to let go and seek a deeper path. You are failing this part of life because you cannot master it. To be a master you need a teacher, once learned, you can handle all vices. Do not be afraid when certain aspects of your life come to the light. Sometime these things happen to show your mortality. In the human being are natural vises which we cannot get rid of, there is a fire in which we need a higher power. Our God is the answer to all things. You heard this all the time, put it in prayer. Let God heal you; it is only God and through Jesus help we are alive today. Seek not the things of earth as it cannot take you nowhere. The reason for this is, earth is within you therefore, no matter what you get on earth it must die, we can consider that death is depreciation of life. Only God holds life, and where there is Life there is abundance. Your weakness come to life when you are dying internally. That is why you have to humble yourself and ask for the greatest help which is forgiveness. Let the burden go and seek rejuvenation. It is easy to hide a scar, but it will cause more harm if you put a band aid over it. Do not be afraid the weakness is humanly, but you have a divine God, who will make your wrong right. Let us remember, we did not make ourselves, yet we would like to cure ourselves. How can the ill manner, take care of the divine which is your soul. It will never happen, give it to The Lord who made you in his likeness and image.

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