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Trust in your God

The nation in which God is there Lord will never falter, the family who God is their guide will never move, the human being who lean on God will never fail. What is human being that God made them in his own image, they are just dust. When God touches dust, he makes it pure. Just as Jesus open the blind man eyes so he should see clearly. Without God we are dead, in the physical you look alive just as a-rose when it is given as a gift. Sooner it fades always because it is not connected to the root. The Source of all life come from the father, who show the son, and the son relinquish the Holy Spirit to those who are willing and wants eternal life. For all those who seek God they will find. Do not be afraid of what the world thinks; because no human being know how God think, but being in tune with your God will guide you to your promise land. This is your promise land where God will guide your mind, body, and spirit. Making earth a place where you belong. Choose right, because what you see in reality changes like the blink of an eye.

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