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Water is Life

The source of life, water makes about Seventy percent of the earth. The oceans are a massive force of nature. Its depth and uniqueness give humans the chills and joy at the same time. Yet we cannot fathom this beauty of nature. All humans and animals need water to survive. If you lack water, your body could go into shock and much more. As one of the main sources of the body; ensure you drink water as your body require. Look at water, especially when you are able to get to the beach, lake, and etc. One of the most unique essences of water are the animal who live in it. They are beautiful and always fill with joy, an example would be a dolphin who jump usually when seen in the ocean. Be aware the oceans are fill with many creatures. Let us take a moment always and remember water is life. So, on days when you feel you need some life, make sure you stop by a lake, river, or oceans to view one of the world greatest attractions.


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