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Written Words

It is hard to understand why written knowledge is so susceptible to understand. We are born and oral language is the first thing we learn, especially born in an oral society, where your words are your power. Knowledge is power, we have the vision to inherit this power, yet we lack the main path. Wisdom is the power to understand, as my father said get wisdom, for those who received wisdom are birth with life and rejuvenated throughout their life. It is a blessing to learned knowledge is made by man, to know how to live on earth. Wisdom is a gift from God. How can one man understand this universe without even controlling their time of birth and death. These are the unknown we cannot comprehend life, it is a mystery, we come to find out each day is a blessing to be alive. There are two live we are alive to live and dead to support the living. The memories you are given from those who passed away live with you forever. Therefore, the oral and written goes together none is better than the other. Just as night and day make a day so the oral words and written letters are intertwined together. Look at oral words as a written letter into your soul, you speak it out and it's become reality.


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