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Your Attire

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

The importance of dressing. Each day as you wake up, your mood depicts your day, therefore you have to dress well for a booster. Different clothing for variety of event. Always wear clothing that fit your body. Confidence is built on how you present yourself. You heard the model, fake it till you make, it sounds like a cliche, but perception is everything in this world. So, if you look the part, usually you can be molded to fit the part. Meaning that a little bit of tweaking will take you, where you need to go. The world we live in is made of ideas, that is why we use clock to keep track of time. If you are aware of that, then proceed to be self-conscious of yourself. My favorite color is red, so if I’m wearing red that mean I am excited. Without knowing me you will identify me as red stand out. Your attire shows a characteristic of you. Dress to impress is what my parent taught me, make your day. With good clothes, ensure your shoe are clean, this show that you are attentive. To be successful mean whatever you do is a reflection of you.


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