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1000 Years

One day in the sight of God is a thousand years for mankind. For all those who hope and believe change will come, it will come to those who continue to try. As February is Black history month in the United States of America, we all know the history and the path of slavery. Just remember anyone could have been the slave or the owner of slaves. Yet it was the African turned, as you see African have conquer the new world. It is sad to see how every day African descendants are being killed. Remember you have to love yourself, family, and friends while they are here. The System was not made for you to sustain, wherever there is smoke fire has occurred. Move away from the smoke to see clear, we have to understand, there are many types of fights; Spiritual, Mental, and Physical. Dr. King, Malcolm X, Marcus Garvey, Rosa Park, Harlem Knights, John F Kennedy, Nelson Mandela, Bob Gray "the Bassa Chief" and etc. All of these individuals fought with different styles. Remember your history as it depicts the past, presents, and future. As we move forward, please remember to take your time and enjoy life. Most people do not know that everything you need to stay alive, is within you, do not wish for any other human being material items. You need to focus on the simple things in life, self-assurance and peace. Whatever you desire will come in due time, remember Rome was not build in a day, so likewise you are still growing. Be thankful for the day because someone did not wake up. Treat each human with respect and avoid conflict. As my great mother Mrs. Kim Bunyan always say, "be kind to those who dislike you as they will reap coal of fire for their shame."


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