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A New You

Remember what do not break you make you stronger. What this really mean is that a new day in your life, start when you are alive and willing to make change. The human body is sensitive but strong, you have to tune into who you are. There are many functions of the body we use daily and some are there we utilize without thinking. Do you remember your five senses: smelling, tasting, feeling, seeing, and hearing. The necessities of these are very important it you have all five you are truly bless. These are the basic in which you can maneuver through life. The most dependable sense we utilizes is seeing. Which is very good, another sense you should try your hardest to use is hearing. Once you tap into this sense the world will become a better place. Seeing is believing but hearing is understanding. Let use the natural gifts we have to maximize our daily aptitude. Heard and see what really going on in your atmosphere and be awaken.


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