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Sometime unknowingly to ourselves we face obstacle. At the time we are in these situations, we blame others or ourselves for the ordeal in which we have to go through. The fault of this obstacle is a trial, and we are human beings. Let's not forget, we are not perfect, and perfection is not for us. You heard the saying if it does not break you, it will make you stronger. Words of faith state that "no temptation having taken over you, but such is common to man, with every temptation there is a way of escape. God will not tempt you beyond what you can bear." 1 Corinthians 10. 13. During this time, it is best you set aside all things of distraction and work on yourself. You are place in this time to better yourself, check your environment, and work on your inner self to enter a new level. As a person you are built with unimaginable strengths which need to be release. By faith mean, knowing no matter what, you will live through the problem. Do not linger, work on yourself. As a distraction for the situation, work on spirit, mind, and body. For your spirit pray to your God, seek counsel, and penance for you and other who have hurt you. For your mind, built it up by learning new things and share it with other. Lastly for your body, work out to release energy and it will relax you. By faith you reach your goal of freedom. By faith God will release you with his mighty hand. It is not by choice of good and bad we face obstacle, it is life. Just remember true life come from Christ and he died for you to live free from sin in the world. The God of your forefather will saved you, do not be afraid.

Faith: something that is believed especially with strong conviction.


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