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From Birth to Death

Your faith will set you free, all who are Baptist and believe in Jesus Christ; will rise. No matter how you got into the kingdom, you are welcome. As a king cherishes his people, he will always treat them according to their status. The most important thing in life is to believe, the power of transfusion; just as an engineer build and test out their creation. God love is to test out life, meaning once you are in this family, he gives you the world, which we call life. In life there will be good and harder days; but putting your Lord first, you will walk through the fire, and not be burn. Not a single hair of your skin will be scotch. You are covered with the blood of Jesus, therefore look alive and do not waver in doing good. Good is right, free life was given to you, neither should you hold back, as the world turns, whosoever you come across show them love, because you are a child of the Most High Kingdom on earth. Amen

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