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It is always important to believe, no matter how reality look like. The essence of you is a belief, never forget you were a sperm who transform into the person you are currently. Most time we forget and start to wonder, because we see, and actuality does not seem to be what we plan. Reality consists of seen and unseen movement, not because you do not see your plans, visions, desires, and etc. This does not mean it is not in the works, have faith and continue to process and progress. Most of what you are utilizing today was a mere idea and through continuous improvement, and discipline these became reality. One of the biggest creations for transportation was the airplane. Now we can fly to a different continent within hours. This is amazing, likewise all the others creation we used daily. Remember to live; and what I meant is life occurs in two forms: night and day, man and woman, sun and moon, left brain and right brain, and more. So always keep your mind synchronize with life, because it is all part of living. We are all one, because we live on the same planet and receive the same resources. Some just know how to utilize their environment better. Are you in control of your surroundings. Do not let this beautiful day pass you by, be alert and enjoy.

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