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Patience and Humility

Are you ready for the ultimate test. There are levels in which you have to attain in order to receive your peace, which will give you freedom. Many times, in life we are happy, but our joy is stolen by spouse, siblings, parent, friends, and etc. We were there at the door of harmony, but we give it away to others. You cannot stop life from proceeding, yet you can control your peace. First of all, your mental stability is the number one capacity to your life. Having peace of mind give you joy and happiness, which infuse you with life. Have you ever been to the beach before? If you have good, if not, you should take a trip and observe the repetition. The waves of the ocean are huge, and the current are strong, yet it always subsides and return to normal at the edge of the beach. So much force but the nature law rules its forces. Who is the master of this awesomeness, nature! You have to control the flow or patterns in your life, sometime saying no to situations you are not ready for could get you farther than a yes. Pick your path and understand your margin. Look at life as minimum and maximum; limit the negative thoughts and problems but maximize your value. Place yourselves above all things and treat your physical, mental, and spiritual with ultimate care. This will help you understand your true self. You are an addition to life and while you are here, you need to enjoy each day with peace, joy, and harmony.

Humility in a higher and ethical sense is that by which a man has a modest estimate of his own worth and submits himself to others. According to this meaning no man can humiliate another, but only himself, and this he can do properly only when aided by Divine grace.

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