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The Fountain of Life

Have you ever wonder why some have less and others have more. This is the question of life, look no further, yet think of the atmosphere in which you surround yourself. To be great you have to be around great people and of like mind. To be the best in anything it takes much patience, practice, endurance, and more. Look to the almighty creator "God" for all your needs. This is not exclusive or inclusive but unlimited through history of your family, friends, associates, and more. You have enter into a New Era were time no longer matter; because you have tap into unlimitedness of the great waters. Have you ever seen the ocean lack water or the sun stop from shinning. Never have it happen and it will continue to circulate, because the law of nature is for man not for God. Therefore once you agree to the all divine; he will enlighten your life to adhere to his depth of all living things.

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