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The Highest Step of Prosperity

Too late, so many events and time is of the essence. It saddens me to see a loved one died, so much I would like to ask the questions why. But as I look at life I cannot ask why, because there is a time for everything. A time to be born, and a time to died. In between those phases are what we call life, do not linger on death, because you did not know when you were born. As you grown into your body you did not know how you would end up into the individual you are currently, therefore work along with what you have, and utilize your gifts. Let's agree to disagree, we are not all the same, the only thing we really share is life. Which is the spirit breathe into us by our Creator Jehovah-Nissi. So go forth through the days of moaning and weeping and be assure to live, cry for a moment but laugh and be joyful, for those who have died are in a better place. Your soul live forever so it is that spirit which you see the physical body in for a short period, it is the mind you recollect as you think of the individual you missed and the memories that was shared. Be glad that you had the opportunity to travel and watch, and fellowship, with the great, things that you get a taste of heaven from your loved one who inspire you, to become all that you are today. As I lived this life, I assure you, I will be a servant to my people, so they can live.


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