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The Power of Love

Do you know if you are love? This word LOVE is a powerful word. One of the strongest of the words ever made. You have to comprehend this word in all aspects, to get the full feeling of it. Love incorporates all essence in one. Only the lover understands the thought process of being love. True love balances you and make you crave for more, not on the physical level but spiritual level. Because mentally you do not understand love it is madness. An example: a baby is born and if you really care for this child, you go above and beyond to keep them safe. You just do not nurture but naturally shield them from all negative forces. Covering and placing blockage, so they can enjoy the beginning and new life. Love do not fail, when have a lover ever not believe their love till death. Love is the way even when nothing same right, love take cares. Like a rose before it blossom, it is shelter and all the necessary nutrients, are there to make it sustainable. Once created it become the beautiful rose we see. Listen Love never die, it lives on forever, it is both reality and dreams, because the impossible are always being push to a new dimension. Whether you are awake or sleep, you are cares for, and there is no doubt or worried that your lover will take care of you. So therefore, Faith is Love because you always know there is a way!


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