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Who Are You?

Have you ever thought about who you are and why act you act the way you do. Now as we take a step back, lets think about your DNA, once we check your history then think about your parents. You are copy of parents and they are copy of their parents; so where do you fit in this puzzle, once you identify yourself you can become your own identity. Unfortunately you have your parents ways and all your genealogy within you. Can you really separate yourself from your past and how does this affect your future. Look no further into the future because once you understand who you are and read between the lines, you will understand how you should approach your inner self. As you live, some of the decisions you make are based on your values and ethics. These reactions sometimes are yours and other are from your gene. Being aware of your history can provide you with analysis on how you handle your present self. So, look toward yourself and be aware of your image and how you approach situations.

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