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The communication must go on. As generation changes you should know the information of success, you have to continue the lineage and upkeep of your household. The name of a child is the most valuable essence of who they are. Your name precedes you, therefore you were name before you enter into the atmosphere. As you grow into the individual you out to be, ensured whoever you meet speak your name correctly. You are first of all a human being with so much more to give. Never let anyone call you out, in any form, because you are a creator, light, living entities and so much more. Let your energy shine as the person you are. You bring so much to the earth, and you are most important. Your family name you to be a light to life, look forward to the good things. Most of all you are what you portray, be the picture you are name after. Once you reach the levels in which you are most comfortable, you will gain the enlightenment of who you are.


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