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Martin Luther King Jr. Day

A great day to be alive!

Martin Luther King Jr. day in the United States. When you are outside of the North America, you do not understand the meaning behind the reasons, until you live in the United States of America. Dr. King was God sent, to open the doors for all who believe. Therefore, all the rules and regulations which bound you from lack there-off, have being open to you. Use it or lose it, step out and open your heart, eyes, ears, and etc. Nothing in life is free, someone gives you the privilege to be where you are. Do not take this life for granted. Be greedy, especially to get knowledge, and learn until the books wants to run away from you. Thank you to all who made this day possible. Good, Great, and a Bless day to be Alive! Thank you: to my Grandmom Mrs. Jeannette Bernard, My Parent Mr. Joseph and Mrs Kim Bunyan. And all those who truly bless me.


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