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Memory Lane

Many years ago, I purchased a pair of Jordan in high school which cost $120.00 at the age of 14. I wanted that shoe and was happy to wear it. So my mom seen the shoe, and said Joey those are some nice shoe, I was like yea mama you like it. She stated yes, than she ask me how much money I spend, I said $120, she got furious and said we should return the shoe. I was sad, because this was my first Job and I earned that money. Her comment was you could have bought something for the house. So she told me to take the shoe off and we will go to Brookdale Mall footlocker and return it. So we left home, headed to the mall. As we entered footlocker and when to the cashier. My mother said I want to return this shoe my son purchased. The Cashier said, I am sorry ma’am we cannot take the shoe back because it was wore. My mom was hot, but in my heart I was happy. Got to have my Jordan


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