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The Eyes that Observe

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

While driving to Mankato, Minnesota my son observed the natural beauty of the land. He stated if there are less distraction, he is more relax on the drive. I thought about driving through the cities and the different signs and visual I usually see. It became clear the more you see, the more your eyes receive, and your mind think. On another note, the less you see the less your mind think. Which made me think about your senses, is it better to see more or less or what you are seeing that captivate your mind. I think the eye qualify for better quality. When thinking it is good to see things which improve your senses. Such as flowers, sun set, stars, and etc. The human mind is such a powerful thing, we basically can reflect what we observe and create when we gather information. Always be open to different outlook because you do not know what your mind is thinking.

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