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Nothing Have Change

You heard this all the time. History repeat itself, let me tell you. We allow history to repeat itself all the time, the reason why is that we do not want to change history. As you age in life you see things differently from your younger day. Usually, you do not want change because you have a family, a career, or something else, and etc. Let me tell you, what you do not change in the present will hinder your future. Let me make this clear your children will go through the same positive and negative effect. Do you want that? No so you have to stand and defend, many years ago my parent move us to the United States. If you told me I will be face with bias, I would say no. Let me tell you, we live in a society where you are hated for having confidence, and the reason behind this is. Most people do not have confidence, they are in fear. I completely understand. Confidence is a gift, compare it to a light house, it sees all incoming, whether good or bad. It shines its light to uncover the truth and what belong. When you know who you are; other hate you because they are not trained or certified. Most time you could help others if they just asked, yet because of their negative ways they will be lost forever. You heard the saying ask, seek, and knock. Be open to learning, it will never fail you. Knowledge is a candle and wisdom is the lighter which ignite the candle to do what it was made for, shine and burn it course. Do not be afraid of doing what you are made for. Anything else does not matter unless, you do what you are meant for. To live this life, you have to participate and acknowledge change for the better is needed. The earth creates and produces, we as humans have to learn how to understand where we are and how to benefit from the day and night. Observe the naturals changes and make good choices.


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