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Do not linger through life depending on others to take you where you out to be. Lean on yourself, the gift you are given is yours to excel in life. Think about this. lame man uses a cane to move around. Therefore, if an unable body can hold themselves up and walk, what are you doing to push yourself forward. No computer will save you unless you know how to handle the software. Lately everyone looking at the future in technology, the future never and will ever be technology, it lied in the human being. You are the future, learned what you can, to better your life. No one can put you forward unless you are ready to go forward. This phase of life is called the mental phase, it is an odd phase. The reason why, is that you have to wait and see. Life evolves, unlike the physical phase where everything is being seen. Plan and continue to follow the process, all things will unveil as you move forward.


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