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The Balance

Updated: Feb 4, 2023

Have you notice that some people or places you visit bring you so much joy and other places drain the life out of you. Let look at the magnet and its attractions. You are a lively and learning human being, take into account where your energy is being use for. There are two forces and ideas, I have observed in my life, the giver and taker. The giver is a servant and love to serve generally. The taker is entitled and wants to be in front. Once you figure out which force you are and understand what work for you, life will become better. Take this for example, you when to the restroom and the tissue is almost out. You use it and replace it, another person came in at a later time, same incident but use all the tissue and did not replace it. All things equal, now if you are the next person to use the restroom, who would you prefer to go before you. This is life and how it was meant to be, therefore you need to figure out which environment you would like to live in.


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