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The day in the Life of a Man.

My name is Lord...

On the morning of November 24th, 2020, approximately at 0800. I was seen in the park, by a police officer. I was flying my drone at Riverside Park. The officer sat in her car and watched. After 5 to 10 minutes, she left. After about 15 minutes later, I drove off toward home. At the first stop light from the park, I seen two police cars. Once I proceeded from the stop light, I was pulled over. The female officer's name CPL Sandberg came over and ask for my ID (my Id state veteran on it) and told me I had a warrant. The male officer was on the right passenger door. He asked me to roll my window down for him, I roll it down 20 percent. They said I should get outside the car, I stated no, they then proceeded to say you will. I said it is cold outside, the female officer said you can walk, you were flying your drone outdoor. I said let me call my Lawyer, then the male officer got aggressive with my door and try to get in. I was in fear, so I got out. I was told to laid on the driver door where I was cuff. While standing the male officer said to CPL Sandburg did you double cuff. They then made the cuff tighter. These officers had no face covers. I walk to the squad car and stood by the bumper. While people watched and vehicles drove by. They then ask me again; I told them my name is Lord Bunyan and who they are looking for I am not that person. The female officer watched me while the male officer did research in his truck. She proceeded to talk with me, and I said can you close my car door. She said no after they are done. I stop talking, the male officer came back and said everything match and said he is wanted. He then proceeded to look at my forearm and I told them I have no tattoo. They then proceeded to search and told me they are taking me as there is no way of clarifying. As everything match, I said I am not the person. I ask them to lock my car up. The male office took my keys, money, wallet, and cell phone, and lock my car. I asked them to put my mask on please. I was place in the back and taking in for fingerprint. As we enter the detainment center, she drove down the entrance. While we were park, she talks and said you can look at me. I told her I am a veteran. She reply with thank you for your service. While waiting the detainment officer came and took of my seatbelt off, scan my forehead and told me to walk over to the wall. At the wall he told me to follow his instruction and uncuffed me. I had to take my sweater off and shoe. I walk with socks. These items were held, they then proceeded to search me I said I have nothing. Next, they check my forearm for tattoo I informed them I have none. I follow their direction to get to the finger printing room. Where a female officer scans my index fingers left and right. Told me to sit and she informed her team there is no hit. While waiting the Sergeant pull CPL Sandburg and spoke with her. It was loud. They came back and said you are free to go. The officer give my items and I place it on as they watched. I told them good day and follow CPL Sandburg to her vehicle. I was place in her vehicle and she said I am sorry. She than stated you can look at me. She then proceeded to drive off to where my car was park, I asked her for the case number she provided 2003500. She stated she is from Rochester, MN and I told her I was Liberian and when did I come here. I informed her 1996 and she said you were 12 years old right. I said yes! She said why did you come here; it is cold. I said do you know where Liberia is; she stated no! Not good at geography: She said she been on the police force for 4 years and been a Corporal for 2 years. Arriving at my car, I told her I told you I am not the person and said the word “perception” and she should have used her instinct and I ask her about identity theft. She said this might happen again, so I drove off and spoke to Detective Campbell of the Jordan police department. I told him what happen and give him my ID he stated he will call me with any information. I then proceeded home and informed my wife Laura and she said why do you keep saying “they should just leave me alone”.

I felt exotic, watched and trap. Out of boredom I was harassed and humiliated. Just because of power and status




• the action of damaging the good reputation of someone; slander or libel.


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