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The Doors

We live in a world where there are many doors; for all answers you will need the right key to access each door. It is odd to say earth is just one unique planet. Why are we born here and learn everything while we are here. I would say this is stage 1 of life. On earth we have phases which we will call the daily phase. You usually do these things: eat, sleep, live, and a etc. These are the natural phases which each person gets. It is the daily routines. Yet within each one of these phases there are different tiers which we utilize and adequately only few people on the planet know how to tap in. Example when you sleep you have dream which happen randomly, now as I start to grow these are not random acts. Each aspect of your life has doors and the only way to enter these is to speak to it. The human being is a living being and within them there is energy. The energy is their life beam, this is how you know who they are. You cannot hide this, that is how you were made. Just as a person likes certain weather, this is who they are. Like energy attracts and unlike energy attacks, there is a force that continually simulate each other. Only a few people in the world would you find with true and pure energy. These are people who are synchronize within themselves. They know exactly who they are and cannot be change. These are leader within themselves and are formatted for their own course. Where there is life there is freedom. You are only as free as your mental awareness is. This is what you call clarity, you have to understand a person who is physically free is set on stage 1, mentally free is stage 2, and spiritually free is stage 3. The reason for these is your spirit is the ultimate you, it cannot be contained, yet your mind is within your body, and your body hold your frame within pact. Your soul which is your spirit is free and the body fight against it. This is why we always fight reality, and that reason is your spirit allow things to happen without your body being aware, therefore you dislike it. Do not be upset the spirit looks out for you, before you are aware of what is next. Just as your teeth grind the food before it enters your stomach it solidifies your stomach to receive. You need to listen to your spirit and learn balance. If you really listen, you will come to find out that the unknown which you call mistake is actually the right path that led you into your destiny. Do not be afraid of sudden changes because these are right, and you need to except and be thankful. Say this, I am happy for these new doors, and I ask that the right key be given. The doors are your entrance ways, but the key is your words. You see the words in which you speak, come to life. Be cautious, as you aged, how you speak is the level in which you will live in.

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