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For all those who love to travel, it is such a beautiful thing. To explore and see this beautiful world and its people. Here are some things to take into considerations: 1. Always trust your God no matter what the situation depicts. 2. You are only as strong as the weakest link in your travel group or companion. 3. Always observe and be cautious of stranger. It all break down to one word UNITY. Have unity and keep your plans intact, "many are called but few are chosen. You can look at this saying in many forms but a couple of things, I would like to gauge at, it is likely to enjoy if everyone sticks to the plan, and if situations changes and you think about a new way ensure you keep your team updated. When you travel people know you are a foreigner and wants to either deterred or assist you. Therefore look, listen, and only speak of thing in which you can verify.


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