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We are the Original

Be proud of your heritage’s, be happy for your family, and most of all be proud of yourself. It is hard to move into a new place and integrate into a new society. Your household is your first world and a major door on how you comprehend life. As I grow into the man I would like to be, I am thankful for my families and the love they have shown me. The supports received have bless and sent me into the big world and brought me back. What we considered growth, is to learn and conquers the snare in which was place on you. Have you heard of a “Yoke”. A yoke is bound which is place on you and you have to remove it, or it has to be removed, it is basically a burden that hold you down. As today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day; remember all action depict a new action whether physical, mental, or spiritual. Be proud that you have come to a new land and conquer, meaning you have survived and made it to the next phase. Keep going forward no matter how hard the journey, just remember the race did not start with you but it continues with you. You are part of something bigger, once you understand this, you will notice your yoke being lifted and acknowledge the big picture. Stay alive and receive each day with daily grace!

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